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Simple PulseAudio-based tool for making podcast interviews

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Here is a history of releases thus far.

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Date Version Notes
2019-09-13 0.9 Move to Python 3 and python-pulsectl back end, and use GIO properly across app
2014-02-08 0.1.10 Move to GStreamer 1.0, include audiorate setting, and use Gobject introspection everywhere
2012-12-13 0.1.9 Many updates, including "expert mode" and translations
2011-03-16 Trivial update to fix a renaming problem
2011-03-16 0.1.8 Interface now includes VU meters for easier source identification
2010-12-20 0.1.7 Simplify interface, file saving happens after recording
2010-05-06 0.1.6 Clarify prompts and fix a few UI issues; add feature for FLAC encoding
2010-03-31 0.1.5 Fix desktop entry file issues
2010-02-20 0.1.4 Ready for packaging, thanks to J├╝rgen Geuter for distutils work
2009-08-31 0.1.3 Converted to GtkBuilder for easier long-term maintenance
2009-08-30 0.1.2 Added legal nag screen to remind people of their responsibilities
2009-06-28 0.1.1 Fixed dialog bug. First working version!
2009-06-28 0.1 Note: No one should use this version, since it had a fatal bug.